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Our expertise


For over 30 years, Interior Design manufactures custom-made sofas and leather club chairs. Our workshop surrounds tanners for the world’s best selection of leathers. We respect traditional manufacturing methods, our studio has chosen to work with the former. Interior Design works leather, to make club chairs, flooring, siding and sheathing furniture.

Interior Design offers a collection of chairs after authentic models. We reiterate each model, with attention to detail and the whole experience of our employees. Dressers, carcassiers, upholsterers and colorists put their expertise at the service of Interior Design for over 30 years, with the sole aim to preserve the spirit Club.

The tanner selects the best sheepskin and gives it the basis of color. It takes eight beautiful skins for the creation of a chair of standard format. The carcasses performs identically structures every seat in our collection. Each are made treaty with legs in solid beech tree for a better life, because they are more exposed to shocks. The upholstery is in charge of packing. It covers the structure with high resilience foam AMF (shape memory ). Please contact us for a quote.

Our suspensions are Nosag springs for a more compact comfort or double cone springs for a softer comfort. We dress our club chairs shearling (sheepskin name). All our skins are European origins. Our cushions are made of high density foam for comfort. The colorist performs a natural patina entirely by hand, to give the chair its final appearance. This beautiful natural patina let appear the traces of animal life, quilted wool, small scars, stretch marks, which over time will give him his identity.